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Your Guide to Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering¬†cannabis is extremely easy to grow, yet difficult to master when it comes to cultivating the plant to your exact specifications. For those who are new to growing hemp, it is an excellent training tool because it requires fewer nutrients and does not need a specific light cycle to thrive. It reaches maturation differently than…

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Cannabis Crops Are Being Damaged By An Elusive Pathogen

Across the United States, growers of marijuana are experiencing a widespread disease affecting their plants. The disease is hop latent viroid (HpLVd). It made its way across the United States after coming out of California. The point of the plants crossing state lines was to promote the legal markets, but, unfortunately, the contaminated plants have…

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Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates

Live resin is a kind of cannabis concentrate that is made using a certain technique. The fresh cannabis is frozen and then goes through an extraction process. By freezing the cannabis plant immediately, the fragrance and original flavor are maintained. It also retains its valuable terpene profile. The terpene profile is what you smell. All…

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How To Make The Best Marijuana Brownies

Of all the edibles stocking dispensary store shelves today and all the trendy online recipes for marijuana baked goods, the “pot brownie” remains the most notorious. This cannabis-laced chocolatey treat has been depicted countless times in movies and television, and there’s no telling how many people have asked “Are those special brownies?” at parties over…

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